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Rangali Bihu of Assam


Rangali Bihu
Among the annual festivity of Assam Rangali bihu is promimemt. This is held in mid April and celebrated upto a week or sometime a fortnight. It marks the starting of new year. Orchids and diffrent atumn flower blooms, new tender leaves makes the entire environment very energetic and colourful. In this bihu 1st day is marked as Goru bihu and the very next day is MANUH bihu. The local cuisine during the festival remains very attractive. Pitha, which is a look like of Roll is special amongst all the etabels  of the season, is made from fresh Rice  and other ingredients. "Narikal Laru" ( cocunut Laddu ) is another star attraction and many more sweet are prepared.

Rangali means Full of Colours and Hapiness. During this bihu celebrations love songs and  dances are performed.
This video is a glimps of the Bihu performance of Rangali Bihu.

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