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Satriya Dance, Cultures of Assam

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Majuli Tour

MAJULI Cultural Tour                                                                                                                                  

Majuli is the Neo-Vaishnavite or Satriya hub of Assam. It also happens to be the largest river Island of the world. Rich in cultural activities of Great reformer Saint Srimanta Sankardev. SATRA (monestries) is religious and cultural organization which grew up to spread and preach the Neo-Vaishnavite religions preached by Great social reformer Srimanta Sankardev and his disciple Madhabdev. Satriya culture is having very high regards and so  impact on the spiritual life of Assam.

Some of the frequented visited Satra of Majuli - Auniati Satra, Samaguri Satra, Kamalbari Satra, Garmur Satra, Dakhinpat Satra etc. These Satras are having specific speciality i.e Samaguri is famouse for Mask making where as Auniati Satra is famous for Paalnaam and Apsara dance by Monks, and so on..,

Majuli is 1st river district of the Country, A wet land which is hot spot for flora and fauna, harboring many rare and endangered bird species. During winters Majuli hosts migratory birds. It is heaven for bird watchers.

Satriya Dance is integral part of this island. During the month of November Rass Festival is also celebrated. many cultural activities takes place on this largest river island i.e. Ali Ai Lingang, Pallnaam,mask dance,Bhaona etc.etc.

Majuli is having pink and ethereal  sun set.

Come to witness and enjoy the serenity of Majuli island. God's creative place.


   Majuli Satra, Assam Tours    Mask in Majuli, Northeast India                                Garmur Satra                                                                                   Mask

   Migratory bird in Majuli, Northeast Tour                                  Migratory Bird                                                                              Sun Set

   Satriya Dance Majuli Assam  Northeast Tour                                            Satriya Dance                                                 Ferry Service


 Itinerary                       Duration: 1night/2days

Day 01 : Crossing over mighty river Brahamputra from Nimatighat to reach Kamalabari Ghat in Majuli. Hotel Check-in. Proceed to visit famous Auniati Satra. lunch break and thereafter visit Garmur Satra. After Garmur satra  visit witness Nature's magic PINK SUN SET on the banks of Brahmaputra River. It is visible in clear day  the natural Sun Set amid pink sky, capture the photograph of  ethereal  PINK sun Set. Return to hotel.

Day 02 : After breakfast hotel check-out and go for witnessing Mask making process at samaguri Satra, after visiting Samaguri satra visit the local  mishing  village. On completion of village visit, return journey to Jorhat through Ferry services.




Sualkuchi Tour

Sualkuchi Guwahati Tour

Sualkuchi is also known as " Manchaster of Assam " because of weaving of Assam Silk. It has large number of Cottage Industry engagged in Handloom work. Situated about 35km from Guwahati on the North bank of mighty river Brahmaputra.

One of the fine peace of community united is Hajo. Equally popular amongst Hindus, Muslims and Buddhist. The area is dotted with a number of ancient temples as well as other sacred artifacts. The Hayagriva Madhava Mandir is the most famous temple of Hajo. Hajo is also famous for Powa Mecca which is the holy destination of Muslim community.

Basistha  is Nearby temple dedicated to the lord Shiva. Established on the bank of Basistha river it is a must visit to enjoy the natural beauty with spiritalism.

Kamakhya Temple dedicated to Goddess Kamakhya is situated on the Nilachal Hills is famous temple of Northeast India. It is one of the Shakti Peetha's of India


Assam Silk, Traditions of Assam, Northeast

Assam Silk fabrics

Places of interest around Guwahati, Assam, Northeast

Madhab Hygrib entrance

Weaving Handloom Silk

Silk Weaving

Itinerary                           Duration: 2nights/3days


Day 01- Arrival in Guwahati, Hotel check-in. Afternoon visit  Ballaji Temple and Shankardev Kala Khestra,  Night stay at Guwahati

Day 02 - After early breakfast go for visiting Sualkuchi Village a sub urban village famous for Assam Silk, Afterwards visit Madhab Hygriv Mandir and Poa Macca. Rtrun to Guwahati for night stay

Day 03 - Morning check out from Hotel and visit the Famous Kamakhya Temple and drop at Railway station/Airport. TOUR ENDS