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Dzokou tracking

Dzukou Valley Tracking

Dzukou Valley is situated at an altitude of 2452 m above sea level. Located on the boarder of Nagaland and Manipur this is all season track. Named after the Dzukou Lily flower which is found here some folklore are also associated with the valley. Very cold during winters and cool during the summers. Its a dream tracking for trackers from around the world. The Valley is also famous for its seasonal flowers round the year and its landscape is marvelous.

Tracking from base camp to base camp generally completed in two days with one side track time of around 05 Hours (max) and one night halt at top. 

An Itinerary of 3days/2nights

Longuwa Village

Longuwa Village is one of the biggest villages in Mon district on the India-Myanmar international border.This village has the home of chief, Angh, one half of the Angh's house falls within Indian territory, whereas the other half lies under Myanmar control. However, the whole village is controlled by the Angh and the village Council Chairman.

Near this village another basti named as CHUI Basti. The Angh's house is the biggest in the village and has a display of skulls of enemies supposedly killed by him and his forebears in the times past. The Konyaks used to be headhunters in the 19th century. On killing an enemy a tattoo was rewarded to the defender of community and getting Tattooed was a matter of pride amongst tribes man of being more courageous and more skillful.

An itinerary of 3days/2nights

Longuwa Village